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SunBooker - Car pool
Skyline Frankfurt

Terms and conditions

  1. Booking
    1. Every booking will be confirmed in written form / via e-mail, provided that it is on hand 8 hours before commencement of travel.
    2. Upon booking with less than 8 hours before commencement of travel confirmation by telephone is binding.
    3. Coaches have to be booked at least 10 days before departure. Booking less than ten days before departure is only possible on inquiry.
    4. Facilitators (travel agencies) take no responsibility.
    5. For all mentioned participant the booking is binding.
  2. Cancellation
    1. The ordering party may cancel the order until 1 day before commencement of travel.
    2. Booked coaches have to be cancelled at least 5 days before departure.
    3. Cancellation charges as of 24 hours before commencement of travel:
      for return journeys 50% of the fees
      for pickup journeys 100% of the fees if the trip already started.
  3. Fare
    1. The total is to be paid in cash unless arranged differently.
    2. Fees include passenger transport with regular amount of luggage (2 packaging pieces per passenger), bulky goody (ski, surfboard, diving equipment, fishing poles, etc.) require our acceptance but are free if granted (as long as no trailer is needed).
  4. Return journey
    1. Travellers will be picked up at the terminal's meeting point (mind the sign). If the driver has not arrived within 45 minutes after arrival, please contact +49 (0)163 - 25 04 754. The meeting can also be communicated by phone after arrival.
  5. Waiting time
    1. Waiting time of up to 60 minutes for the return journey (based on time of arrival stated in order confirmation) is free of charge.
    2. Waiting times may occour if a flight arrives at the airport early or late.
    3. If there are other subsequent orders, these may be handled preferential and waiting times in a reasonable manner may occour.
    4. Upon change of date or time without consulting with us the customer has no entitlement to transportation, refunds or reduction of costs.
  6. Outfall
    1. Acts of nature beyond control (weather, congestion, break-down/malfuntion) that disrupt the normal course of action are without rights of recourse. However on a vehicle break-down we will try to transport all passengers on our expenses.
  7. Common
    1. The Exact pickup time will be communicated 1 day before the trip starts.
    2. Passengers have to care of additional insurance themselves.
    3. We assume no liability for delay caused by actions that are beyond our control.
  8. Expenses
    1. For trips over 1000 km (~ 620 mi) or 10 hours of duration we will charge 70 EUR of expenses per day.
  9. Tour operator / Airline
    1. Terms and conditions of the respective tour operator or airline carrier apply.